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Hartman History Series - David Mefford

 We continue the Hartman History Series of articles with insight into Dr. David Mefford - Facts Everyone Should Know About David Mefford. The Hartman History Series has been researched and written by RSHI Member and Volunteer Warren Rutherford. You can find out more about the author on his LinkedIn page. RSHI Wisdom Council Member and former Hartman student, Art Ellis, PhD. has helped guide this process.

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The Robert S. Harman Institute Elects New Board Members

The institute is pleased to announce its newly elected Board of Directors who will continue to steward the institute's mission and strategies to change the world for the better by developing, applying, and making famous Formal Axiology and Hartman's legacy.

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Explaining Intuitive Agility With The Hartman Value Profile

Jay Morris shares with us how Intuitive Agility (IA) enables leaders to mentally step out of a chaotic situation to engage their intuitive competence and confidence in order to achieve extraordinary results. It is knowing something without conscious reasoning. 

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Axiology, Demonstrated by Sex In The City

Watch as Sophie Coulthard uses the popular TV series Sex In The City to easily explain Axiology; Systemic, Extrinsic and Intrinsic.

Come and Nerd Out at the Next HHH

Cliff will share with us initial findings of his current research into understanding how college students think. His answers may surprise you.  These insights will shed meaningful insight into how complex, yet highly revealing, a thorough understanding of the HVP and its indices can be for a consultant or counselor who uses this instrument in your practice. 

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RSHI January 2021 Newsletter

An inspirational Hartman quote reminding us of who we are, Axiology sightings, a new Journal, the first article in the Hartman History Series and more!

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Favorite Books About Hartman and Axiology

A list of of favorite books about Hartman and Axiology that were shared by RSHI Members during the monthly Hartman Happy Hour in January 2021.

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RSHI December Newsletter 2020

RSHI President KT Connor, PhD says farewell as she moves to a position on the Wisdom Council after serving as President for nine years.  Announcements about new Board Members, Hartman Happy Hour and more...

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Hartman and Maslow

Cliff shares the connection between Hartman and Maslow and shares excerpts of a Maslow speech, a copy of which was in Hartman's Archives.  He encourages us to continue these inter-disciplinary explorations about what it means to be human and to live lives of vitality, energy, and as Hartman would have said, in pursuit of “the good.“

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What Am I Here for In This World

Suzie Price, RSHI Board Member shares why she is involved in the Robert S. Hartman Institute and why Hartman's work "grabbed" her heart and soul and has not 'let her go' since she was first certified in value science 15+ years ago.

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Hartman and Schumacher Small is Beautiful

Clifford G. Hurst, PhD reveals connections between Robert S. Hartman and economist, E.F. Schumacher, through Hartman's not-yet-published manuscript, Partnership of Capital and Labor. In this blog post, Cliff shares Hartman's three stages in the evolution of capitalism and how they relate to the “S” to “E” to “I” valuations of work.

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Summer 2020 Newsletter: Letter from the President

K.T. Connor, PhD, RSHI President, provides a letter teasing the content of the 2020 Annual Conference and inviting all members and non-members to register to learn more about Hartman, about others who share his spirit, and others who help our strange new world be a better one. 

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44th Annual Conference Registration

Come join us at our 44th Annual - first ever virtual - Conference!  There will be 9 sessions, spread out over 3 months, delivered in a half-day session each month. Listen and learn from 20+ professionals from around world.  Discover Robert S. Hartman - his work, wit and wisdom in a new way - from professionals who use this wonderful work to help others use good judgement, make good decisions and lead with love. Let's all work together to make the world a better place.   Join Us!  

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History of the Institute

Follow the historical timeline of The Robert S. Hartman Institute from 1959 to today... So much has happened and there is so much more 'Good' to come!

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Life and Legacy of Robert S.Hartman

Learn about the life and legacy of Robert S.Hartman (d.1973), Research Professor of Philosophy at the University of Tennessee and the National University of Mexico in this timeline of his life, recently added to the website.  Follow along the timeline to grasp the breadth and depth of his influence.

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April Newsletter: From the President

K.T. Connor, PhD, RSHI President, provides a letter asking core questions and providing key reminders from Hartman to serve as a source of strength in these unprecedented times.

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Meet the RSHI Fellows

We are pleased to highlight and honor these members who were recognized by the 1998 Board of Directors of the R. S. Hartman Institute as Fellows of the Institute for having demonstrated outstanding service and achievement either in their profession or for the Institute.  "If I have seen further than others, is it by standing upon the shoulders of giants." Issac Newton

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Conference 2019 Opening Talk: Let's Change the World

Clifford G. Hurst, PhD inspired and challenged us with his opening remarks at the 43rd Annual RSHI Conference. In this presentation Cliff shared that we can indeed change the world by refining, expanding and making known all of Hartman's rich thoughts regarding the importance of human values. In fact we must do this before it's too late.  He proposes four action steps.

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