Thank you to all who attended 46th Annual RSHI Conference!

If you missed the last session "Axiology in Action Panel & Networking," we don't want you to miss the recommendations that were shared by fellow axiologists! 

→ Book Recommendation: Revolution Against War by Dr. Hartman

→ Frameworks that have an Axiological approach/connection: Reinventing Organizations (a book), Spiral Dynamics, Integral Theory and Vertical Development.

→ Book Recommendation: Karlheinz’ book "Purpose, Meaning and Values"

→ Video Recommendation: Carol Dweck - Growth Mindset

→ Recommendation: Global Economic Ethic - A manifesto, completely congruent to Hartman

We'll leave you, for now, with words from Vera Mefford who wrote this in the chat:

"Great presentations all! What stood out to me is that we are all human becomings - dynamic, not static - we don't want to be catalogued in a box - axiology doesn't do that. Also, Valuation is a higher-level human function than just "thinking" - thinking is part of valuing, as is doing and feeling - they occur simultaneously and are intricately linked....we take them apart for purposes of analysis in a non-judgmental way!"

Attendees will dive deep into axiology through a series of curated on-demand lectures and networking events (9+ hours of high-quality content!). Lectures will be released weekly on Mondays starting August 22nd. The first lecture discussion and networking event is on Wednesday, September 14. Then in a 3-hour live session on Wednesday, October 12, attendees will enjoy a panel of practitioners sharing their perspectives on all things axiology and then additional structured networking and lecture discussion.

For the duration of the experience, we invite you to bring your discussions to our LinkedIn group for further inquiry.

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Beyond Phenomenology: The Movement toward Axiology
Steve Byrum
This presentation from RSHI Wisdom Council member, Steve Byrum, is based on his 2019 paper in The Journal of Formal Axiology. He provides us with the distinction between Intention and Intension and walks us through thought from Ockham, Husserl, and Hartman. He also shares how axiology becomes a way of life and of living to experience fullness.
Duration: 45 Minutes
Using the HVP to Focus on Wellbeing in Organisations
Sophie Coulthard
This presentation from Sophie Coulthard shares how her company, AxioGrow (formerly known as FidlLeaf), is using the Hartman Value Profile (HVP) to offset low engagement and create meaningful wellbeing in organizations. She also shares an inside look at their data sets as it relates to self-regard post- and pre-pandemic. Plus, tips on how to bring wellbeing and the HVP into the conversation.
Duration: 41 Minutes
An Axiological Measure of Entrepreneurial Cognition
Clifford Hurst, PhD
This presentation from Cliff Hurst reveals insights into what makes entrepreneurs tick. He walks us through his compelling research into using the HVP find meaningful and statistically significant differences in evaluative thought structures between early-stage entrepreneurs and senior managers — two groups that appear to be very similar.
Duration: 37 Minutes
Creating Buy-In to Axiology with Human Resource Professionals
Suzie Price
This presentation from Suzie Price reveals the tactical steps she's used to reduce resistance to the Hartman Value Profile with her clients. She takes us through her methods and tips behind how she introduces and uses axiology HR professionals and her clients. She’ll share her insights for consulting success using an axiological model.
Duration: 46 Minutes
Hartman Value Hour Lecture Discussion & Networking
1:00 PM PST / 3:00 PM CST / 4:00 PM EST / 9:00 PM BST / 6:00 AM AEST
Join us to discuss the first four lectures — live! Come and share your thoughts and ask questions to the presenters and network with fellow axiologists, practitioners, theorists, and business people. We will have prompts and breakout rooms for you to engage with.
Duration: 90 Minutes
The Good, the Bad, and the Toxic: Profile of Unethical Leaders
Shannon Clowney-Johnson, PhD & Malcolm North, PhD
This presentation from Shannon and Malcolm takes us through their research published in the 2021 issue of the Journal of Formal Axiology, tackling the difficult reality that society can no longer afford to guess how a leader will act or if they have good judgment. Their research reveals how the HVP explains and predicts toxic leadership behaviors.
Duration: 55 Minutes
Using the HVP to Identify Students in Need of Support in Public High Schools
Sheri Smith & Sueann Casey
This presentation from Sheri and Sueann shows us how their company uses the Hartman Value Profile to spotlight and support at-risk students and aggregate data to bring insights to schools like the impact of the pandemic on high school students and teachers and their ability to handle stress and rejection as well as their own personal role self-direction and sense of belonging.
Duration: 22 Minutes
Purpose & Values
Karlheinz Illner
This presentation from Karlheinz looks at how we can support companies to thrive through the digital transformation by focusing on values, purpose, and most importantly, people. He shares his five steps to developing corporate purpose, interweaving Hartman's value dimensions with other methods and models to create a plan to organize good.
Duration: 55 Minutes
Axiology in Action Panel & Networking
6:00 AM PST / 8:00 AM CST / 9:00 AM EST / 2:00 PM BST / 11:00 PM AEST
This panel, facilitated by board member Sophie Coulthard, will ask 10 questions on all things axiology and the Hartman Value Profile to six different ASPs (Axiological Service Providers) and consultants using the HVP. You won't want to miss this!
Duration: 3 Hours


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