Contact the Robert S. Hartman Institute

General Inquiries K. T. (Kate) Connor, Ph.D.
Board President
(800) 790-3785
[email protected]
Finance Inquiries Robert Calabrese
Board Treasurer  
(609) 841-6142   
[email protected]
Research Inquiries Cliff Hurst
VP, Research
(801) 832-2649   
[email protected]
IT Inquiries Suzie Price
VP, IT/Social Media
(770) 578-6976
[email protected]
Membership Inquiries Catherine Blakemore
VP, Membership
(435) 671-7668
[email protected]
Consulting Inquiries

For inquiries about consulting, training programs, and software
based upon the science of values, please contact persons
listed as: Axiological Service Providers.