Our vision is to foster value, unity, and well-being through the science of axiology.

Our Mission

RSHI is dedicated to harnessing the profound insights of formal axiology, the science of value, to create positive transformation in individuals and communities. We strive to empower people with the knowledge and tools necessary to make more informed and ethical decisions, cultivating a world where every individual’s intrinsic worth and contributions are recognized, respected, and enhanced. Through the principles of formal axiology, we aim to foster greater understanding, empathy, and collaboration, ultimately shaping a society that values harmony, justice, and the flourishing of all.


Strategy 1: Create, continue, expand, and support Formal Axiology.

  • Gather and preserve information on Formal Axiology.
    • Capture the knowledge and experience of the Wisdom Council.
    • Preserve, organize, and digitize the Archives at University of Tennessee Knoxville.
  • Support continued research on Formal Axiology.
  • Educate more people on Formal Axiology.
  • Promote the practical applications of Formal Axiology.
  • Expand the use of Formal Axiology into more and more fields.

Strategy 2: Create an environment of collaboration, not competition.

  • Build a global network of axiological developers, researchers, and users.
    • Implement collaborative projects and discussions on topics such as politics, spirituality/ministry, social work, education, etc., with a lens of goodness.
  • Facilitate axiological service providers, developers, and researchers working together.
  • Encourage a commitment to making the world better through Formal Axiology.
  • Invite diverse voices into the conversation by conference speakers, board members, committee development, Hartman Happy Hour, etc.
  • Affirm the importance of a diversity of approaches to the formalization, interpretation, and application of Hartman’s theory, and it has no allegiance to any particular business model or organization.

 Strategy 3: Preserve and share Hartman’s vast legacy with the world.

  • Bring to publication Hartman’s vast collection of writings
  • Preserve video, audio, and photo records of Hartman and his teaching
  • Edit and make widely available Hartman’s thought and legacy
  To collect, compile, preserve and protect in unity and solidarity
information concerning and related to  formal and applied axiological value foundations and legacy (value theory) of Robert S. Hartman.
Review Executive Summary of 2021-2022
Priorities and Key Actions