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From the Archives: The April 2022 Document Preservation Trip

In 2021, the board committed to the mission of archival preservation making it one of three core strategies of the mission of the institute. In April 2022, Robert Calabrese and Catherine Foster visited the archives and began the comprehensive digital preservation effort of all 146 boxes of Hartman’s print legacy.

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Announcement of New Board Leadership 2022

The Robert S. Hartman Institute is pleased to announce new board leadership and additional administrative support to continue to advance our mission and vision of changing the world for the better.

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December 2021 Newsletter

Hartman's work shows us how to create a balanced and meaningful life.  This is why I'm passionate about the work we're doing at the Hartman Institute.   I also enjoy meeting other "Hartmaniacs."  A "Hartmanic" is  anyone interested in Hartman's work. This is a term inspired by Wisdom Council Chair Emeritus Wayne Carpenter.

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RSHI Fall 2021 Newsletter

We're in the midst of our three-day 45th Annual Hartman Conference!  Day One is complete and Day Two is tomorrow.  We'll wrap up with Day Three on November 9th. I'm inspired and full of appreciation for our presenters and this community. It was a joy to watch the Day 1 sessions again, via the recordings, which are available to all registrants. Don't miss this Goodness!
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RSHI January 2021 Newsletter

An inspirational Hartman quote reminding us of who we are, Axiology sightings, a new Journal, the first article in the Hartman History Series and more!

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RSHI December Newsletter 2020

RSHI President KT Connor, PhD says farewell as she moves to a position on the Wisdom Council after serving as President for nine years.  Announcements about new Board Members, Hartman Happy Hour and more...

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Summer 2020 Newsletter: Letter from the President

K.T. Connor, PhD, RSHI President, provides a letter teasing the content of the 2020 Annual Conference and inviting all members and non-members to register to learn more about Hartman, about others who share his spirit, and others who help our strange new world be a better one. 

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44th Annual Conference Registration

Come join us at our 44th Annual - first ever virtual - Conference!  There will be 9 sessions, spread out over 3 months, delivered in a half-day session each month. Listen and learn from 20+ professionals from around world.  Discover Robert S. Hartman - his work, wit and wisdom in a new way - from professionals who use this wonderful work to help others use good judgement, make good decisions and lead with love. Let's all work together to make the world a better place.   Join Us!  

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Life and Legacy of Robert S.Hartman

Learn about the life and legacy of Robert S.Hartman (d.1973), Research Professor of Philosophy at the University of Tennessee and the National University of Mexico in this timeline of his life, recently added to the website.  Follow along the timeline to grasp the breadth and depth of his influence.

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History of the Institute

Follow the historical timeline of The Robert S. Hartman Institute from 1959 to today... So much has happened and there is so much more 'Good' to come!

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April Newsletter: From the President

K.T. Connor, PhD, RSHI President, provides a letter asking core questions and providing key reminders from Hartman to serve as a source of strength in these unprecedented times.

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Meet the RSHI Fellows

We are pleased to highlight and honor these members who were recognized by the 1998 Board of Directors of the R. S. Hartman Institute as Fellows of the Institute for having demonstrated outstanding service and achievement either in their profession or for the Institute.  "If I have seen further than others, is it by standing upon the shoulders of giants." Issac Newton

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February Newsletter: Letter from the President

K.T. Connor, PhD, RSHI President, provides a letter sharing the spirit of Hartman’s insight into the evil of dividing—and the goodness of collaborating—to encourage us all to continue the work of bringing people together.

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January Newsletter: Letter from the President

K.T. Connor, PhD, RSHI President, provides a letter sharing updates from the Institute's work on an all-new website, recaps the 2019 Annual Conference, and shares thanks to all our members.

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